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  • Chris Hall

Gym or Practise Ground?

Its that time of year where its getting colder, the question is:- Would you be better off hitting the practise ground or the gym for the winter?

Well lets look at a what the gains are with both. The gym will have many health benefits if you stick to a structure programme with progressive targets, this includes your eating and drinking habits. It will change the way you stand, walk and probably your behaviour, which for many would be a benefit. The issues for golf are the changes may or may not yield improvements. The practise ground will inevitably result in hitting balls of a mat. Prolonged session will invite wrist and elbow issues which could take months to recover. Practising in the cold with excessive clothing also restricts movement and will change the timings of your swing. So, for the serious golfer what is the answer?

There are 3 areas to consider. Firstly, make sure you maintain your range of movement (ROM) so you need this checking regularly. If your ranges are limited then a practitioner will make changes. Secondly, you hit the gym to become stronger and faster to give you more control over your golf swing, therefore its important that the exercises are relevant to the task. Lastly regular practice with instruction will keep your mind clear as too how the exercises have a positive impact on your swing and the increased control over the ball. Therefore TRAIN SMART.

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