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Training Programmes

TPI Certified Professional

With Over 3000 Screenings

TPI Training

Leading The World in Golf Fitness


Chris is a licensed 

Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Coach

(Only a few such qualified coaches in the UK)

Chris brings a unique knowledge to his students by combining Advanced Golf Swing, Body Motion and Conditioning techniques to enhance a players ability to learn golf skills.

‘Make no mistake, if you are doing any golf training you need this information. All our programs are based on what the top players in the world do, not what coaches think they do’

Golf has developed along with many sport by using science to increase performance whether its at a club  or elite professional level. We see your body as the 15th club, stabilze this and feel the consistency flourish. Inconsistent performance doesn't come form your clubs it comes from you. Coordination comes from your ability to move with strength and speed at specific times during the golf swing, this process needs to be learnt and trained. Before a developmental programme is initiated it's essential you know where you are and what are your limits. Joint ranges, muscles ranges and specific areas of strength need to be tested to establish you capabilities enabling a very specific training programme to be built. 

Your occupation will have an impact on your posture and the way you move which you will inevitably bring to the golf course. Your golf swing is a reflection of your movement capabilities yet most golfers and sports enthusiasts dive into the activity without considering their limits, with good reason, they don't know what they are. 

For the serious golfer this information is critical. My 20 years as a player involved many hours of practise hitting hundreds of thousands of balls. As all elite players know, just because you have practised doesn't mean your going to play great as improvements at that level are small gains and take time to flourish if at all. Many times you work hard on changing techniques only to find your performance doesn't reflect any improvement. This is very frustrating and for many, demoralising, resulting in a lowering of confidence and a spiralling of continuous poor play. But if we look at what is taking place on the practise ground we can begin to understand why this may occur. Firstly, a change of technique, why it maybe logical and ideal for some, may not suit your movement patterns and slogging balls won't change this. Secondly, your range of movements change during a practise session some areas may loosen and others tighten. There is very little chance of consistency developing as your body is changing and the fine tuned timings that are found on the range disappear on the course. As any level of player knows this is very frustrating, so how can this be avoided? Well, this is the way forward:

1) Find out where you are

2) Look at where you need to be

3) Get to a level you can maintain


The screening process enables an evaluation of your movements and identifies the most effective method for improvement. The sessions take around 90minutes to build a movement profile and specific exercises are proscribed to suit an individuals daily life style and plan.

A second free session is always offered to check the exercises are performed correctly.

The cost of the assessment and programme is £60

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