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Club Fitting         

Club fitting creates a real issue for the fitting instructor, Was that your normal swing or are you trying to beat the measurements on the launch monitor?


The truth is that the majority of the time most fitters don’t know. This is why club fitting should be done by your coach or by a coach that understands the impact your motion is having on the golf club. 


The bending of the shaft should be an asset if the ‘reflex’ is used to deliver a high club head speed and a control to the club face, however if the shaft does not fit the loading then your swing must change. Now you are ‘swing fitting’ to the club, not club fitting to the swing. 


Your swing is bound to have inconsistencies but a well fitting club will hone in on the consistencies and discourage the movements that invite errant shots. 


This is a list of the 33 elements we consider when fitting your golf clubs - 

Players Strength, Players Mobility, Players Flexibility, Players Rotational Velocity, Players Balance.

Swing Speed, Swing Load, Swing Tempo, Swing Rhythm, Swing Release, Club Head Angle of Attack

Shaft Length, Shaft Weight, Shaft Flex, Shaft Flex Point, Shaft Torque, Shaft Puring,

Club Head Structure, Club Head Hosel Setting, Club Head Weight Distribution, Club Head Weight, Club Head Material, Club Head Lie, Club Head Loft. Club Head Shape

Grip Thickness, Grip Build, Grip Weight, Grip Shape

Ball Speed, Ball Spin, Ball Launch Angle, Ball Side Spin

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